Tradition and experience

Family business group founded in 1947, that has already arrived to the third generation.

Integrity and Reliability

For more than 70 years we have fulfilled thousands of commissions, in compliance with the commitments made with our clients, suppliers, partners, consultants, and credit institutes.

Commitment and growth

Our contribution is responsible for the development of our Country, with passion and innovation, according to our business values.

Quality and beauty

Heterogeneous and flexible organization that aims to the maximum satisfaction of the client.


Tradition and innovation for the ongoing growth

For more than 70 years we have tried to make each commission our little masterpiece, contributing to reach the objectives set by the client with our added value in terms of experience, competence and innovation.

  • CONSTRUCTION WORKS: civil, tourism and industrial engineering; road, railway and airport infrastructures; hydraulic and maritime works; projects of structural and geotechnical stabilization; building renovation, “sismabonus” and “ecobonus”.
  • ENGINEERING SERVICES: work planning and supervision; safety on building sites; support for OVC contests and project financing; expert professional advice; BIM.
  • EVALUATIONS, CARTOGRAPHY, GIS AND SURVEYS: topographical surveys; numericcartography; geological, geognostic and geophysicist surveys; Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • TRANSPORT SAFETY: airport safety; road safety; mobility and traffic studies; road operation and maintenance.




OM update Airport of Palermo

2012 - GES.A.P. S.p.A.

New detention pavilion near the Caltagirone Prison

2014/2016 - Office for Preliminary Infrastructure

Hilton hotel complex in Capomulini

2016/2017 - Inso S.p.a.

EP of the shopping mall “IL MANDARIN” in S. A. Li Battiati

2015/2017 – Jo-Fa-S.A.B. Capital Group s.r.l.

Clients and partners