New pleasant raid on the site of the former Musumeci Clinic in Catania, where the historic health facility is being demolished. To visit the Ing. Claudio Torre and the team working in the yard, are the boys of the first year of “Building Engineering and Architecture” of the course of Urban Planning Law, accompanied by Prof. Avv. Antonino Longo.

Very young and still at the first experiences, probably the construction site of Italia was the first in which they set foot, with the opportunity to observe with their own eyes what happens during the period of work of such an important contract. A real lesson in the field, thanks to which they learned from direct experience what can happen and what is important in the direction of construction works. There were moments of debate, many curiosities and constructive comparisons, symptom of a high threshold of attention and interest on the part of the boys and girls present. Group photos of ritual not to forget this intense and challenging day of study and study as well as theoretical, decidedly pragmatic and realistic.
An opportunity that the Colombrita Group always takes with enthusiasm to transmit to the engineers of the future the right love, passion and dedication that serve to become true and efficient professionals of tomorrow.