Airport security management software

ALBATROS is a specialized GIS (Geographic Information System) application for the management and analysis of territorial data of typical airport interest.

Gis Design has created and developed the ALBATROS application, specifically designed to manage existing obstacles to air navigation and analyze local data of airport interest.
ALBATROS is an expansion of the GIS software (Geographic Information System), also working in Open-Source, which allows the management of existing obstacles, as well as the possibility of identifying new ones through the three-dimensional analysis carried out by the software itself. This allows the airport manager to save time and costs of providing the service.

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ALBATROS, made in accordance with ENAC, ICAO, EASA, ISO standards and the Terrain and Obstacle Data Manual of Eurocontrol, allows to:

  • insert and/or edit attribute data through simple interface masks, where the different options have been configured to be as "guided" as possible
  • insert new elements that can be obstructed by pointing the slider to video in the map window, or by textual input of coordinates, and display them in two and three dimensions
  • interacting with specific digital models of the ground and the aerodrome constraint surfaces (Transictional Surface, Inner Horizontal Surface, Conical Surface, Outer Horizontal Surface, Approach Surface, Take Off Climb Surface)
  • immediately verify any altitude overrun, also determining its metric size
  • assess the feasibility of new facilities or infrastructure inside and outside the airport
  • constrain specific site areas within the seat for fixed obstacles that move
  • display the monograph or plan of the individual obstacle by simple click on the selected item
  • print out paper reports (for example for monitoring purposes) of all relevant data of each managed obstacle
  • customize the software and report screen with text and images (eg the airport manager logo)
  • exporting data to Google Earth

Sicurezza aeroportuale

Through the software provided it will be possible to have a direct link between the obstacle maps and the database consisting of monographs.