The correct findings and cataloguing of road accidents is the primary source of information for whoever must reconstruct the scene, evaluate the behaviours of the participants, analyse the actual road safety at the scene and in some measure attribute blame.It is through the examination of the findings and the collected data that you can ascertain the causes that produced an accident, trace the behavior of the protagonists and determine whether, and to what extent, these were the cause (or cause) of the event.

It is important for those who carry out the surveys to collect and archive, in the most accurate and complete way possible, the elements useful for the reconstruction and analysis of the dynamics of the event. It is essential for those who analyse these elements to have advanced IT systems for the management and processing of the data collected.

Created and developed by GIS Design s.r.l., CRASH digitalises the gathering, managing and processing of road accident data, in order to support the activities of the designated authorities.

GIS Design is a service company which has been dealing passionately and competently with road safety for 10 years. From the experience gained from managing various Centres for planning, managing and monitoring road safety, GIS Design created and developed this application to simplify as much as possible the gathering, archiving and managing of data incumbent on the Municipal Police and at the same time create a useful data-base for studying road accident dynamics and identifying the means for preventing them.

Road accidents

Application modules:

The application is made up of various modules with varying power levels depending on the user’s experience:

  • "Road accident" module: it can visualise, question and modify the existing list of archived road accidents as well as create and archive a new one. Qualified users can enter a new road accident – or text enter an address or do a point-and-click – within an appropriate window entering the accident’s descriptors, persons involved, accident consequences, attached photos (camera, video, scanner) and other attachments (statements, declarations etc.). The data-base accidents can be printed on customisable reports and uploaded automatically to ISTAT or to complete a folder of each accident.
  • “Map” module: it represents one of the two analysis modules of the programme to carry out spatial analyses of road accidents. All the data-base road accidents located in space via their address are visualised graphically through Google Maps: qualified users can do spatial analyses using appropriate search strings apart from having quantitative and qualitative data on accidents on the map.
  • "Statistics" module: it is the second analysis module of the programme to analyse the statistics of road accidents. Using appropriate search strings, the module can visualise graphs (histograms, pie charts, line graphs etc.) which can help analyse accidents within council boundaries together with certain accident characteristics (spatial, temporal, location etc.). The graphs can also be downloaded for printing.

The following modules are optional extras:

  • Publication module: can publish on dedicated pages (eg. council web site) the non-sensitive data of an accident while hiding the sensitive data.
  • Mobile App module: the programme can be used remotely via smartphone.
  • Planimetric Creation module: assisted help in creating the accident planimetrics.

Flexibility, safety and savings:

The application is web-based so no software needs to be installed: all you need is an online PC with a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc). It uses cartographic data and Google Maps so there is no need to buy a cartographic data-base.

Furthermore, used with any GIS open-source (free) software, it can relate accident data to traffic, flow, local geography, the environment etc. The software is “off-the shelf” and includes a user license and hosting supplied by GIS Design. The service which includes updating and maintenance has a yearly and renewable subscription cost.

The service guarantees numerous advantages:

  • Cost savings due to the purchase, maintenance and updating of the hardware;
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need for on-site software specialists for updating and maintenance;
  • Energy cost savings from not having to run a server;
  • Data protection by highly efficient and trustworthy daily back-ups;
  • Access to sensitive data is only by security codes;
  • High security levels against hacking, viruses and malware.

Assistance and support:

As part of the subscription, and in addition to the availability of the application 24/7, a telecommunication help-line is available during office hours to resolve whatever technical issues may arise and provide support in using the programme.

The response to a request for support and the resolution of an issue is guaranteed within 48 hours.