The group is specialized in the planning and management of road, railway, airport infrastructure, tourist hotel settlement and network technological systems.
Our company boasts works certified and executed for over € in the infrastructure and tourist/hotel sectors with an important know-how in roads, junctions, undergrounds, railroads, airport runaways, cycle paths, hotels, museums, and shopping mall planning.
The group, mainly through the engineering company Studio4c srl, performs professional consulting activities in the field of the following sectors: planning, works management, security (security coordination during the planning and execution stages, Workers’ Safety Representatives), static and administrative tests, support activity for Tender Responsible Officer, measures and accounting work, fire prevention.
With a team of external business experts and consultants well experienced and able to satisfy the many aspects required within the drafting of the offers, the company is able to offer to the business – or to other studies in the case of public design contests – the necessary support for the arrangement of the improved technical solutions, by proposing always original and cost-efficient solutions to the Administrations.
Moreover, the different proficiencies in our company made possible for the group to specialize in the preparation of business and financial plans, and of projects for Project Financing in several areas.
Besides, the company has recently aimed for innovation by introducing BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology in the design area. The BIM procedure allows to support communication, cooperation, simulation, optimal improvement of a project throughout the over-all life-cycle of the built work (design phase, realization phase, usage and maintenance phase).
In summary, the special features of the group in the engineering services sector are:

  • Twenty-year experience in the sectors of planning, construction supervision, safety on building sites, technical support for competitions with economically advantageous tender, technical-administrative and accounting support in systems of public-private partnership (project financing, availability contracts, etc.), BIM systems.
  • Works designed and/or directed for a certified total amount of more than € 1 billion
  • More than 20 procedures awarded with the criterion of the most economically advantageous bid (tendering procedures and project financing) in the last 5 years.
  • Experienced staff in the elaboration of tenders technical offer and technical, administrative and counting support in project financing.
  • Trained and competent staff in the employment of BIM systems.
  • Our main clients: ANAS, Eurolink SPA, Railroad Circumetnea, COCIV spa, Ministry of Defence, Sicilian Region Authority, Superintendence BBCCAA Catania, about 50 municipality in Italy, building companies and others important private.

PP = Preliminary Project | FP = Final Project | EP = Executive Project | SCDS = Safety Coordination in the Design Stage | CS = Construction Supervision, measurement and counting | SCES = Safety Coordination in the Execution Stage | ATT = Technical and Administrative testing | ST = Static Testing | SA = Safety Audit | ORTS = TenderResponsible Officier support | SVC = Seismic Vulnerability Checking | EAT = Economically Advantageous Tender