Road maintenance has acquired a strategic role as regards managing the road network especially given the ever increasing scarcity of resources, greater sensitivity towards conserving existing resources, and growing attention to road safety issues.

Apart from the safety associated to road geometry, the daily work for an Agency managing a road network concern ‘non-safety’ issues both in terms of road geometry and in terms of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (the formation of holes, a fallen branch, broken pipes, building collapse, the demolition of a road barrier etc.).

Road maintenance is growing in importance as is managing and planning maintenance.

GeMaStra is a web-based application specifically designed for managing road maintenance. It is a concrete response to the requirements of administrations which must survey, analyse and manage the maintenance of their own roads.

The application is web-based which means no installation of software: a PC, an internet connection and a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome). There are no periodic updates and all data is centralised and web accessible 24/7, but always securely password protected.

Road maintenance

The application is organised into sections so as to be user-friendly and intuitive:

  • reports: qualified users can see a list of past reports (to verify any remedies) or file a new report. A report can be printed for the press on the details card of each incident. Its geographic location can also be seen via Google Maps.
  • maintenance:qualified users can see a list of already timetabled maintenance (verifying and/or modifying it) or file a new intervention to correlate to one or more incidents.

The incident and maintenance lists can be ‘filtered’ and ordered according to various criteria (date, road, type). Multi-field searches will also be possible in order to maximise ease of data access.

The application has a section called ‘General Statistics’ where qualified users can see some general statistics on incident reports and remedies.

Other modules are available on request:

  • Public access module: offers full public access to maintenance carried out via Internet pages.
  • Photo module: loads geo-referenced photos (eg. to show road access) from which the GPS coordinates can be deduced in order to place the photo on a map.
  • Palmtop module: it can do surveys directly on the last-generation laptop or palmtop.

The software is ‘off-the-shelf’ and includes a user license and application hosting (Application Service Provider) which is made available through appropriate hardware and data communication infrastructure for which GIS Design is entirely responsible. This service includes updating and maintenance by renewable annual subscription.