Since 2014, the ICC Group, is committed to social support by supporting several non-profit organizations, through financing or technical collaboration for the implementation of projects of different types. Each association is dedicated with passion and commitment to different initiatives, all pertaining to a specific sector, for which are set annually goals to achieve.

In particular, in 2019, decided to contribute to the implementation of some projects promoted by the following non-profit organizations:

The non-profit organization Burkina – founded in 2007 within the Parish of Santi Pietro e Paolo in Catania – through its Team of Volunteers, is committed each year through various humanitarian initiatives, including: adoptions’ classic or’ school’ at a distance; University scholarships at a distance; assistance to the disabled through the purchase of prams; medical and surgical aid; construction of water wells; adoption of a leper patient, supporting its medical care.

The ICC Group since 2019 supports the non-profit organization Burkina with donations aimed at achieving the objectives that the same Association is committed to achieve with dedication, commitment and passion.

The volunteer organization “Let’s Play” is a big family that, with commitment and daily dedication, embraces the discomfort and disability and has its beating heart in the “House of the Original Talents” in Sant’Agata Li Battiati. It is a lively and interactive place of sharing and welcoming twenty “special” young people, which has allowed us to carry on a great project: putting ourselves in the game to offer a future of social integration to young people with disabilities, believing and investing in their artistic, creative, musical and laboratory skills, to demonstrate that, ultimately, “whatever our souls are made of, [our] and [their] are made of exactly the same thing” (E. Brontë).

The Lega Ibiscus Onlus – founded in 1986 – is the Association of parents and children in treatment or out of therapy of the pediatric oncohematology department of the Polyclinic of Catania that, with the support of doctors, Nurses and other partners support assistance and research in the field of leukaemia and childhood cancers. The Association is committed to achieving its objectives aimed at the ‘support’ of children in therapy and their families, with targeted interventions from the diagnosis; the ‘welcome’ thanks to the Casa Ibiscus, that offers the opportunity to stay free of charge to families away from home during the stay period or DH; to the ‘research’ through the purchase of scientific equipment and reagents to be used at the Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology and through the recruitment of specialized personnel.

Since 2018, the ICC Group has contributed to the expansion of the Ludoteca of the Casa Accoglienza Ibiscus. For this year has decided to support the Lega Ibiscus both for the technical assistance and maintenance of the Casa Accoglienza, both for the ‘research activity’ contributing to the fundraising for the Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology, which enables diagnosis, follow-up, therapy and prognosis to be carried out on each paediatric patient, as well as specific cell and chromosomal analyses and research.

The cooperative ‘AttivaMente’ ONLUS – founded in 2007 by the meeting of professionals who share values, choices, experiences in the social and Third Sector – was founded with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with autism and other diseases such as neuropsychological, neuropsychiatric and behavioural disorders. The Association represents a point of reference and support for families suffering the disability of their loved ones, providing them with useful tools to better address the present and the future. For this purpose, the Association Team organizes specific events for the social and working inclusion of the disabled, seeking and adequately amplifying the strengths of each of them.

The Medicare Onlus – founded in 2011 by eight volunteers with different professionalism – has the dual objective of offering material, moral and psychological support to the cancer patient and spreading the culture of prevention in the oncology field. In the course of its activity, the Association has planned and developed numerous projects – all free of charge – such as: Casa Lina’, a reception house for oncology patients and their families, which is ‘ Medicarebus’, shuttle service from home to hospital; Medichair’, for those who do not have the economic opportunity to buy a wig; Nutricare’, nutritional counseling clinic for cancer patients; Book your screening’, screening at diagnostic centers and specialists in Catania; Cibo&salute’, page of “La Sicilia” dedicated to Mediterranean cuisine; Conferences, seminars and educational activities at hospitals, schools and public and private institutions.

The ICC Group supports the project ‘Casa Lina’, the welcome home cured and managed by several volunteers, made available free and structured so as to recreate as much as possible the family environment.