The know-how developed in the topographic  sector and the availability of a vast array of traditional and high efficiency instrumentation, place the business in the leadership of the sector, granting the client satisfaction through on-time delivery, and high standards of accuracy and reliability of the collected data.

Main activities: Roads and railroads trails evaluation with GPS instrumentation on cinematic-differential and/or static-fast mode, integrated where necessary with Total Station; three-dimensional view of the Digital Elevation model (DEM), topographic calculation resolution, spot height map and contours restitution, sections and profiles generation through software; infrastructure, technological systems, civil and industrial works drafting; GPS bathymetric surveys; Total Station and echo sounder; Aerial photography;  numericcartography; roads and subservices cadastres.

GIS Design s.r.l. also performs: in situ and laboratory investigations, tests,  and supervisions,  aimed at the designing and testing of seismic vulnerability; geological and geotechnics  monitoring, characterization and structural diagnosis for the preservation of the property asset; GPR pictures for the services study; geological and geognostic surveys.

Because of the competences acquired by the internal staff and the partnership with a team of highly qualified external business experts and consultants (geologists, technologists and structural enginners), the group is able to work in the most diverse backgrounds and to suggest to its clients, case by case, the most efficient and economically convenient solutions.

In summary, the special features of the group in the evaluations, cartographies and surveys sector are:

  • Topographic surveys, aerial surveys business, numeric cartography and thematic map production.
  • Geological, geognostic and geophysicist surveys and implementation of monitoring systems.
  • Wide availability of high efficiency instruments (GPS, Totale Station, GRP, etc.)
  • Main clients: ANAS, ANAS, Municipality of Catania, Ministry of Interior, Navy, Ministry of Defence, SAC, Sicilian Region Authority, SuperintendenceBBCCAA Catania, University of Catania, severalmunicipality in Italy and Istitutions in Italy.

The group is characterized by process and product innovative aspects that make technological innovation and scientific research the true business core of the company.

Some of the partners and collaborators have used GIS software and developed types of analysis and security in the transport sector during their scientific activity at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Catania.

The know-how developed by the group in the GIS sector, together with the punctilious looking for the client satisfaction and development of technical high quality product are the strengths of the group, which is able to perform the majority of the required function in the field of integrated management system: topographic and environmental surveys, data and information collection, supply and enhancement of the management software, data and cartographies upload, GIS design with the possible development of specialized applications for the clients’ purposes, training of the personnel, assistance service, and GIS support.

Today the group is a lab equipped for GIS designing, enhancement, and development, and has a high-qualified staff in the topographic, engineering and environmental sector,  high-efficiency surveying tools, and hardware and software equipments specialized for data acquisition and elaboration, infrastructure design and management, and transport safety analysis.

Through the operational staff’s work and training experiences, the company is specialized in GIS design and realization in different fields, including: road safety analysis, airport safety management and supervision; public lightening system maintenance management, civil protection risks analysis (seismic, hydrogeological, volcanic, fire, industrial) and emergency management procedures/operations; Street classification and cadastres; Cultural heritages management; Urbanism (PRG, constraints maps, obstacles maps).

For years, Gis Design has been focusing its investments in prototypes research and development, and, successively, in models to commercialize in the sectors concerning the network systems management, databases, road and airport transports safety, buildings and infrastructures heritage. In the context of Territorial Information Systems, it has developed various GIS applications. In the last couple of years, the majority of the investments have been concentrated on the “conversion” of the applications previously developed in web-application: by taking advantage of the free maps provided by Google Maps and GIS Open Source software, we aimed for applications production, and, subsequently, sale costs reducing.

In summary, the peculiarity of the group in the territorial information system are:

  • Vast experience in GIS and web-GIS design and enhancement
  • Trading partner in the past of the main GIS software-house
  • High experienced staff in the Open Source GIS sector
  • Main clients: ANAS, airport operators, Regione Sicilia, BBCCAA superintendency, University of Catania, various municipality and institutions in Italy.

PP = Preliminary Project | FP = Final Project | EP = Executive Project | SCDS = Safety Coordination in the Design Stage | CS = Construction Supervision, measurement and counting | SCES = Safety Coordination in the Execution Stage | ATT = Technical and Administrative testing | ST = Static Testing | SA = Safety Audit | ORTS = TenderResponsible Officier support | SVC = Seismic Vulnerability Checking | EAT = Economically Advantageous Tender | GIS = Geographic information system