Construction Engineering Colombrita S.r.l.

Construction Engineering Colombrita s.r.l. is a company operating in the construction sector, both in the building and infrastructure field, and brings together within it the historical family business of construction company and the services and engineering services activities of the companies developed by Filippo and Fabio Colombrita.
The company was founded in 1984 under the name Colnisa Costruzioni s.r.l., modified in 2018 in Ingegneria Costruzioni Colombrita S.r.l. The distinctive feature that characterizes the structure is identifiable in the desire for continuous updating in the technical field-scientific, attitude traceable to the academic experience lived by Eng. Rosario Colombrita as university professor.

The experiences carried out in the public and in the private, together with the efficient organizational system on which the same society is founded, have allowed to carry out consistent jobs with optimal results. Construction Engineering Colombrita operates in compliance with company values in the following sectors:

  • Civil and industrial construction;
  • Economic and Social Committee;
  • Hydraulic and maritime work;
  • Consolidation works;
  • Ecobonus and Sismabonus;

Gis Design S.r.l.

In 2002, on the initiative of the brothers Ing. Filippo and Fabio Colombrita, was born “Gis Design s.r.l.”, a company of services and engineering services.
In the first years the company deals with most of the activities required in the context of integrated management systems (topographical and environmental surveys, development of management software, training of the personnel involved in the use, etc.) and the design of complex infrastructure (roads, intersections, railways, subways, airports, etc.)

Over time, GIS Design diversifies its activities by devoting more to the field of safety in transport both in the road and airport fields, the design of infrastructure and the development of GIS applications. The company operates according to processes, procedures and operating instructions in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

GIS Design in particular deals with:

  • topographical surveys, surveys and production of numerical and thematic maps;
  • implementation of territorial information systems (SIT or GIS);
  • geognostic, geotechnical and structural surveys;
  • design and management of construction, infrastructure and plant works;
  • road safety studies such as: Road Safety Monitoring Centres (CMSS), Urban Road Safety Plans (PSSU);
  • traffic and mobility studies, drafting of mobility and traffic plans;
  • specialised airport security services;
  • integrated air navigation obstacle management systems;
  • development and marketing of specialised software in the field of road and airport safety;
  • research projects;
  • specialist technical training.

Studio 4C S.r.l.

In 2014, on the initiative of brothers Eng. Filippo and Fabio Colombrita, was born “Studio 4C“, engineering company.

The company Studio 4C, together with Gis Design S.r.l., operates from birth according to processes, procedures and operating instructions in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008. The know-how developed by the company in the construction and infrastructure sector, coupled with the meticulous pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction and development of products of high technical quality, are the strengths of the company.

Studio 4C operates in the following areas:

  • design and management of construction, infrastructure and plant works;
  • support activities for participation in tenders, drafting of economically advantageous offers and project financing;
  • vocational counselling;
  • administrative and technical testing;

Investee companies

Consorzio Stabile R1

R1 is a Stable Consortium that brings together companies active in the different fields of engineering and architecture. R1’s goal is to combine technical capabilities, experience and proven constant collaboration and professional integration in order to improve the competitiveness of the constituent companies in the commercial and technical approach especially with regard to transport infrastructure and hydraulic works.

The Consortium currently consists of 5 engineering companies, Agraba s.r.l, GIS Design S.r.l., MUVING Architettura Ingegneria Territorio S.r.l., Studio 4C s.r.l and S.A.I. Ingegneria S.r.l.

Cumulatively in the last 10 years were carried out engineering services for an amount of about 2,000,000,000 euros distributed between feasibility studies, preliminary, final and executive designs, Works Directorate and Safety Coordination, urban and transport spatial planning with a greater impact on engineering services related to structures, infrastructure, transport and water in particular.

Sincol S.r.l.

SINCOL s.r.l. was founded in March 2020 with the aim of mainly carrying out restoration, maintenance and restructuring of real estate of particular value and/ or subject to protection.

The shareholders of SINCOL s.r.l. are Geom. Salvatore Sinatra and ICC s.r.l.
The only Administrator is Fabio Sebastiano Colombrita, the Technical Director is arch. Giuseppe Antonio Longhitano.

Both Geom. Salvatore Sinatra and Arch. Giuseppe Antonio Longhitano have thirty years of experience in the field of restoration and renovation of buildings of historical, artistic and cultural value.

The company has a permanent endorsement by LEDEAR s.r.l. that has allowed it to obtain certification for the execution of public works (SOA), and is in possession of quality certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Consorzio Stabile Sqm

The Stable SQM Consortium was born from the desire to share a path of consolidation and growth of 5 historic Sicilian business groups, engaged for several generations in the construction of civil works and infrastructure.
The companies that make up the Consortium have been operating for almost a century in the field of public and private construction and are specialized in the construction of civil and industrial buildings, roads and highways, bridges, railways, consolidation works, special structural works and installations.

The constituent companies SQM have equipment, means of work and technical equipment modern and efficient and are accredited at the most important National Credit Institutions.

The peculiar characteristic that joins the entrepreneurial groups consists in the technical tradition deriving from a direct control of the yards, conjugated to a continuous technical-scientific updating of the corporate structures.

The companies that are part of the SQM Consortium for the execution of the works in question are: