ICC Group most of all through the activity of the of the GIS Design s.r.l. has contributed to spread for over 15 years above all the national territory the road safety culture, through several coordinated actions, acting on the main components that, interacting among them, determines the road accidents and their relatives consequences (man,  vehicle, environment, road).

The business has developed significant experiences in integrated systems for the betterment of road traffic security conditions, in support of roads management institutions (such as the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, ANAS, Regions, Provinces and Municipalities), moreover performing its role as Technical Secretariat of the National Commission for Road Safety.

Various Professors and Researchers of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Catania are members of our company staff, contributing to bestow our company activity technological innovation and the utmost reliability in the studies and analysis.

In order to reduce the risk of road traffic accidents and the seriousness of their consequences, the main interventions that had been effected  since 2002 are: road traffic security planning, designing, management and monitoring centres at the regional level; urban road traffic security plans; safety audit and safety review security studies; mobility and traffic studies at a regional, provincial, and municipal level; other traffic, mobility, and road traffic security specific studies; designing and realization of intervention for the reduction of the risk of accidents.

In the last years, GIS Design has successfully supported the submission of projects concerning the renovation of the concession or authorization of service areas in rural roads managed by ANAS, through specific analysis in demonstration of sufficient road traffic security standards, in case of, the presence of ineradicable constraints makes impossible a complete correspondence between geometric and operational characteristics of the service area, and the requirements reported in the Circular ANAS n. 35925 of 14.03.2013.

In summary, the peculiarity of the group in the road traffic safety are:

  • Road traffic safety planning, programming, management and monitoring centers and interventions aimed at the reduction of road accidents
  • Multiannual and certified competence in the safety audit and safety review studies;
  • Pro-tempore management in 2014 of the Technical Secretariat of the Road Traffic Security National Council, near CNEL, Roma;
  • Development and management of 20 CMSS in the last 10 years;
  • Consultancy for traffic and road safety in about 30 municipalities in Italy.
  • Experienced staff and specifically educated in the road traffic safety studies, mobility and transport system planning, road maintenance management;
  • Specialized software development and commercialization in the context of road safety.
  • Crash: road accidents management web-based software for the major procedures, analysis and road safety management computerization.
  • Main clients: ANAS, the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, COCIV spa, various municipalities in Italy.

The group provides services and carries out research activities in the transport policies and land-use planning sector.

GIS Design srl staff is made of transportation and economy engineer experts,  planning of transformation systems and intelligent transportation systems.

In particular, the company takes care of the elaboration and realization of project ideas in the field of research and innovation in favor of the sustainable mobility aimed at the betterment of the metropolitan areas habitability. It has already established a close partner with a lot of consortium concerning the Smart, clean and efficiency energy Program, and it has already taken part in the call:  MG.5.2-2014 – Reducing impacts and costs of freight and service trips in urban areas; MG.5.3-2014 “Tackling urban congestion”.

GIS Design has a flexible approach that allows to make analysis and evaluations of the different territorial scales, from the single intervention in the local area to the sector policies, and still to the strategic design.

Specifically, it provides studies and advices specialized in the following areas: integrated and strategic transport-territory development planning at a urban, regional and interregional level; services of city logistics goods urban distribution design and implementation; Demand Responsive Transport (DRT);

design of the transport of weak cycle-pedestrian users; car sharing, carpooling, and bike sharing systems design and implementation; transport companies marketing policies development; fleet monitoring system implementation; transport projects and policies economic and financial assessment; residential, commercial, tertiary, and industrial territorial and transport effects evaluations; e-ticketing integrated charging systems design; Mobility Management policies development; integrated transport systems design (modal, fare and technological integration); different scales networking, regional, national and European; ITS (Intelligent Transport System) design; participation to European projects concerning the financing program HORIZON2020.

Moreover, GIS Design boasts various applicative experiences concerning: traffic surveys;  Urban Traffic Planes; Urban Mobility Plans; Urban Road Safety Plan; Traffic and mobility simulation scenarios models.

In summary, the peculiarity of the group concerning the traffic and mobility sector are:

  • Creation and development of specific procedures, and traffic and urban mobility conditions simulation models.
  • Mobility studies, traffic plans and transport analysis multi-annual and certified competence.
  • Advices concerning traffic aspects and road traffic security in about 30 municipality in Italy.
  • Expertise staff and specified educated in the studies concerning road traffic safety, transport and mobility design, road operation and maintenance management.
  • Specialized software development and commercialization
  • OMR (Operation and Maintenance Road): web applicative for road maintenance evaluation, analysis and management on the road network.
  • Main clients: ANAS, ANCE, Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, COCIV spa, different Municipality in Italy.

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GIS Design is specialized in supporting the airport management bodies concerning the efficiency status monitoring of the light-signaling devices (daytime and night use) of the obstacles to air navigation, both internal and external to the airport area.

The society proposes to the airport management bodies a service able to grant accordance with the rules, high productivity and technological innovation.

GIS Design provides specialized advice in the field of: map of constraint maps and obstacle delimitation maps developing, in line with the ENAC guidelines; aerial photography, numeric cartography, and measurement campaign production, and DTM digital terrain models creation; high precision GPS topographical surveys; air navigation obstacle identification and delimitation surfaces generation (complies with Annex 14 and 15 of ICAO); obstacles to air navigation census (complies with Annex 14 and 15 of ICAO, Area 2, 3 and 4) and obstacle monographrealization (complies with Appendix 8 of the Annex 15); 3D informative territorial system for the representation and the management of the obstacles to air navigation and constraint surfaces design and structuring; Electronic Terrain and Obstacles Data eTOD implementation (complies with Annex 15 and TC); light-light-signaling devices status monitoring, even real time with fault detection automatic systems.

For years the company has carried out a census and monitoring activity concerning the air navigation obstacles and the constraint maps elaboration for the most important airport on the national territory. Recently, the company has supported the municipalities administrations that are interested in the aeronautics constraints in presenting their planning proposals to ENAC for their attenuation.

With the employment of 3D territorial informative systems, specialized software made by the company and particular high-efficiency operational procedures, GIS Design is able to satisfy various  demands in the field of airport safety.

In particular, the ALBATROS territorial informative system is a software specifically designed for the air navigation obstacle management and the territorial data analysis which may reveal to be an obstacle. it allows the management of existent obstacles, but also the possibility to identify new ones through the tridimensional analysis made by the software itself, enabling the operator a saving of time and money.

In summary, the peculiarity of the group concerning the airport security sector are:

  • creation and development of specific procedures and models for census, obstacles to air navigation management and monitoring, applied in various international airports.
  • experienced staff and specifically educated in the airport safety sector
  • Albatros (Airport Limitation of oBject Altitude: Topographic Recognition of Obstacle System): GIS applicative for the management and analysis of air navigation obstacles.
  • Main clients: more than 15 airport operators.

PP = Preliminary Project | FP = Final Project | EP = Executive Project | SCDS = Safety Coordination in the Design Stage | CS = Construction Supervision, measurement and counting | SCES = Safety Coordination in the Execution Stage | ATT = Technical and Administrative testing | ST = Static Testing | SA = Safety Audit | ORTS = TenderResponsible Officier support | SVC = Seismic Vulnerability Checking | EAT = Economically Advantageous Tender

OM = Obstacles monitoring

MCRS = Monitoring Centre of road safety

GIS = Geographic information system